Published by on February 2, 2017

Social media is a truly innovative platform that can bring like minded individuals together seamlessly online. From a business and marketing standpoint, this makes social media channels such as Twitter invaluable for connecting with customers and industry cohorts and peers. More than that, Twitter in particular is a hotbed of incredibly talented marketing gurus and experts willing to talk, offer advice and connect with people.

If you are looking to improve your business and marketing heft online, then Twitter is a fantastic vein of wisdom – provided you know where to look and who to follow. By following the right people, you can dive into some truly inspired discourse that can offer insights into how you can improve your marketing efforts.

Whether it is content marketing specialists, charismatic blogging entrepreneurs or expert growth hackers, Twitter grants you an invaluable opportunity to glean industry influencer advice for free. Better yet, you can keep afloat of all the latest events and updates directly from the people in the know. This post hopes to streamline your search process and offer up some of the most righteous marketing experts on Twitter, so that you can start making the most out of your Twitter experience from the get go.

Rand Fishkin – @Randfish

As the creator and founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin has empowered countless online marketers with his useful marketing and SEO advice website. His Twitter feed is just as useful, with screeds of useful blog links and tweets geared around marketing, SEO, emerging technologies and the world of Small to Medium Enterprises.

These two tweets sum up Rand’s Twitter timeline. He shares data backed, scientific marketing-related case studies (sorry, bit of a mouthful). What more could you ask for? In fact, his ‘Whiteboard Friday’ has been a thing for as long as I can remember (they began on Moz back in 2007). Following Rand on Twitter means you don’t risk missing the latest episode of ‘Whiteboard Friday’ and it also gives you a chance to interact directly with Rand and chatting with people who have also enjoyed the latest episode by replying to his tweet and commenting on other people’s replies.

Neil Patel – @NeilPatel

Neil Patel has already made a hugely positive impact on the world of marketing and SEO as the founder of Kissmetrics and Crazyegg. His Twitter handle continues this trend by providing unique and engaging articles and inspirational quotes to help inspire hopeful online marketers. Neil also regularly hosts webinars and Twitter chats, which can prove to be both popular and educational for marketers.

I’ll admit it, I’m personally a bit of a Neil Patel fan boy. I think what he teaches on his blog is pretty incredible especially when you consider the rubbish that is churned out and charged for by self-proclaimed gurus. His blog posts are usually easy to read, follow and implement and by following him on Twitter it means I can check out his latest blog post (and learn from the way he tweets) instantly.

Neil has a habit of using percentages and other stats in his tweets which just make his links even easier, subconsciously, to click.

Jay Baer – @JayBaer

Working as the current president of Convince and Convert – one of the web?s greatest digital marketing companies –  ensures that Jay Baer has his finger on the pulse of social media marketing. With a huge following and some of the most stellar, pragmatic business advice, Baer has solidified his standing as an industry expert on Twitter.

OK, I know these tweets aren’t marketing related directly, but what they do show is how Jay makes an effort to thank people publicly on Twitter. This may not be Jay teaching you explicitly how to market on Twitter, but it should prove to you that no matter how many followers you have, you should make an effort to thank people who help you out. Well done Jay!

Andy Crestodina – @Crestodina

Andy Crestodina may seem like an odd choice for this list with just over 20,000 following especially when followed on from Jay with his 230,000+ following. However, he is the co-founder of Orbit Media, and has been making waves in the world of digital marketing since 2000. With a passion for writing and a flair for web design, Andy has a unique approach that provides some incredibly in-depth and informative thoughts that can help guide businesses in the right direction.

Wait! Those are the same tweets? That’s the whole point. A lot of brands are scared of pushing the same content out on Twitter over and over again. Andy has proven how you can successfully tweet about the same content less than 12hrs apart.

What I also tend to find with Andy’s feed is that it is 100% marketing. There are no political messages, no quotes of the week, no opinions, no questions. Instead, he just churns out useful marketing advice and links to worthwhile marketing reads and I love Andy for that.

Chris Brogan – @ChrisBrogan

Rapport is an important part of building a cult-like following on Twitter, and few influencers online have as much natural charisma and warmth as Chris Brogan. The New York Times bestseller and global business advisor loves to talk with his followers on Twitter about everything, from his favourite food to his latest business insight. With a perfect mix of honesty, integrity, comedy and innovative ideas, Chris has established himself as one of the best social media marketing gurus around.

Chris proves that sometimes mixing politics, opinions and your personal image can work well on Twitter. There is a danger however that you don’t know your audience well enough to get away with it. I recently advised that being political on Twitter was a bad move and, to be honest, I still stick by this as it’s a risk you take. However I did find it interesting that Chris was happy to let his personal political views come out on his Twitter account, an account followed by over 350,000 people many of whom could have a different view.

Brian Solis – @BrianSolis

Brian Sollis takes a unique approach when it comes to showcasing his social media marketing prowess. By mixing curated content with his own, unique thoughts, Brian provides some robust advice that resonates with the masses every time. With some truly inspirational quotables, his Twitter feed is definitely one to scroll through to put a little bit of fire in your marketing belly.

Brian is another marketer who has completely ignored my own opinion when it comes to sharing political opinions. However, a quick scroll through the replies to those tweets and it’s clear that Brian knows his own audience well as on the whole comments are positive and both tweets have received a respectable number of likes and retweets.

Sharing political opinions on Twitter can end disastrously but both Brian Solis and Chris Brogan have proven that if you’ve got balls you can get away with it. Fair play to them!

Ann Handley – @MarketingProfs

Ann Handley has dominated social media marketing for years, and has changed a lot of people?s attitudes towards marketing online for the better. As the head of content at MarketingProfs, Ann has churned out hundreds of useful resources for the online marketer. If you are looking for a comprehensive social media marketing expert on Twitter, look no further.

One thing you’ll notice with Ann’s tweets are the images. It’s rare that Ann tweets without an associated image. According to Twitter, tweets with images see 313% more engagement than tweets without.

Jeff Bullas – @JeffBullas

Jeff Bullas has been a marketing expert for years, and is widely regarded as one of the best social media marketing strategists around. Forbes even named him one of the top 10 social media influencers. As a blogger, author, speaker and strategist, Jeff contributes massively to the worlds of social media marketing and digital marketing.

I know you’re probably wondering why these two tweets have been chosen? It is in fact not the tweet itself but the timing of those tweets. Jeff shared those tweets within 25mins of one another. And this is not uncommon! Jeff is a machine when it comes to scheduling content into Twitter using Hootsuite. He’ll churn out 6 or 7 tweets an hour. Personally, this is excessive, but it is proof that you should not be scared of both promoting the same content and tweet regularly throughout the day and night to reach as many followers as possible.

Dharmesh Shah – @Dharmesh

I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who haven’t heard of Dharmesh, even with his 290,000 followers. As the founder of HubSpot, Dharmesh Shah has successfully improved how businesses can interact and engage with marketing and sales thanks to his innovative software suites. His Twitter handle is equally valuable, though, as it provides first-hand advice on how to handle start-up companies, marketing for startups and more. If you’re not already for some reason, get on with following Dharmesh!

No, I’ve not made a mistake and included two tweets by two people who most definitely aren’t Dharmesh. Instead, I’ve included these two tweets which were retweeted by Dharmesh. A quick scroll through his timeline reveals he does an awful lot of it. It goes to show that, regardless of your Twitter klout you can still take time to share other people’s thoughts with your followers.

Gini Dietrich – @GiniDietrich

Finally we reach Gini. Gini Dietrich is the current CEO of Arment Dietrich and founder of Spin Sucks, which are both founded on the training and developing of industry professionals, with a particular focus on marketing. Gini is a charismatic personality with a lot of knowledge, which shows on her Twitter feed. Thanks to a unique blend of informational insights and entertaining audience engagement, Gini has amassed a cult-like following on Twitter.

Gini is another marketing expert on our list who is not afraid of sharing the same content over and over again (rightly so). If you’re not already sharing your content multiple times on Twitter then perhaps it’s time you started?

That concluded my list of 10 marketing experts I can only assume you’re following already.

The questions is, have I missed anyone off my list?