Published by on December 19, 2016

Social media has completely transformed how companies and brands interact with their customers. A strong social media presence, on Twitter for example, gives a brand the ability to showcase their identity in a plethora of ways, from providing stellar customer engagement to creating memorable, entertaining posts. One of the most naturally affable approaches online is to bring in a little bit of wit, comedy and fun into things – but it takes a lot of confidence to pull it off.

Humour and comedy is an approach that bucks the trend of many brands that err on the side of caution online. Although it is a sterile and safe approach, it often makes a company?s online persona forgettable. Some of the best brands on Twitter have wrangled comedy into their social media?s identity to great success. This post hopes to showcase some of funniest brands on Twitter and the tweets that make it worthwhile to follow what they have to say.


As a company that provides us with one of our basic toilet essentials – toilet paper – Charmin have done an incredibly good job of nurturing a comical presence on Twitter. The American toilet paper manufacturer are very regular when it comes to Tweeting gold, making them one of the best examples of a company that has nailed humour in their online arena.

Charmin are very self-aware with their profile on Twitter, allowing them to make timely posts that have had a lot of work and effort put into them. The #Asgardian tweet, which was tactically posted around the time of the release of the blockbuster film Thor, is great example of this.

Their light-hearted and comical approach to their content is almost universally relatable and it feels natural instead of gimmicky. Couple this with Charmin?s witty replies to their followers, and you?ve got the blueprints for a comprehensively likeable presence online.

Another great part of Charmin?s persona online is their clever Twitter campaigns. One of their most popular is #tweetfromtheseat, which opens up the door for a lot of comedy that is focused in Charmin?s domain – the bathroom.

Old Spice

When it comes to marketing, Old Spice have spent the past few years dominating their lane. Numerous campaigns have landed with incredibly positive impact, creating cultural icons in the process such as the Old Spice Guy. The men’s fragrance company were one of the first big brands to use Twitter as a branding tool, and they have brought their own style of comedy with them to social media.

Old Spice have seen massive success in leaving the safety of neutral content, instead embracing their own unique style of humour. Some of their comedy is deadpan, and most of the time it is irrelevant to their actual product. However, as a brand Old Spice know how to get their audience – and in turn, customers – to love what they have to say.

Old Spice have also brought in other brands to their comedy spectacles online, which is incredibly clever. Both companies generally come out looking a lot better in the eyes of their audience, and it has made for some memorable tweets in the process. This unique approach to social media has allowed brands like Old Spice to create their own online persona that feels natural and inviting to their audience. As a result, they are the go-to brand online when we think of humorous online marketing.

Innocent Drinks

One of the most well-loved UK brands to excel on social media are Innocent Drinks, the fruit smoothie company. Time and again, they have opted against self-promotion of their products in place of bringing a little bit of joy, fun and inspiration into their marketing efforts. You would struggle to find many posts on their Twitter feed that even mentions their drinks, let alone blindly promotes them.

By completely avoiding the uncomfortable faux-marketing spiel, Innocent Drinks nurture a community that actually enjoys what they have to say. As a result, they are a loved and trusted company that makes their marketing personal. What?s more, they are incredibly mindful about how they play the social media game. Innocent live up to their name on Twitter, by offering up content that is entertaining, engaging, uplifting and – most importantly – not tarnished by in-your-face marketing efforts.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tool? Humour

Social media is a difficult channel to find success in, particularly if you are trying to capitalize off of it. However, there are a handful of brands that have found a way to truly make a mark on social media platforms such as Twitter – humour. It is one of the most universally shared emotions, and when a company can tap into it their audience are drawn to what they have to say. This builds rapport, trust and brand recognition for a company like never before online. Companies like Charmin, Old Spice and Innocent Drinks can get incredibly clever and meta with what they have to say online, which elicits a charismatic and intelligent image of these brands.