Published by on January 6, 2017

Twitter has become an indispensible tool for many companies looking to expand on their online marketing efforts. With a trusted, legitimate platform for business, a rock-solid interface and a host of features tailored towards marketing and advertising metrics, Twitter has become a truly extensive social medium.

From hashtags to viral campaigns, Twitter has helped facilitate the growth of companies online through a number of innovative concepts and ideas. All of this is fantastic for businesses of all sizes when it comes to spreading their message and growing audiences, however all of this functionality does have a bit of a learning curve. As a result, certain parts of social media can be challenging to use for people that are new to the game.

One aspect in particular that is often overlooked by companies just starting out on Twitter is their poor use of Twitter chats. This post will delve into this handy feature and highlight some of its key advantages.

Growing Connections

At its core, whether it?s for business or personal, social media channels such as Twitter are focused on connecting people to each other. Twitter can take this a step further from a corporate perspective with their Twitter chats – which can be created to work like an online event. This can, in turn, bring in your current audience and invite them to engage with you and your cohorts directly. Pooling your collective audience together can help with building rapport, nurturing relationships and ultimately creating a more meaningful bond between you and your audience/customers.

It is important to create a meaningful, exciting and engaging topic for your Twitter chat – something that your audience can connect with and is pertinent to your industry. As the host of the chat, you will be expected to inspire conversation, debate and intrigue. You seek to gain quite a large chunk of new followers as a result, so it really is crucial to make the dialogue worthwhile. Over time, this can tie into your overall image within your industry, which we will touch on later. For now, let it be known that it can really pay off to consistently show off your expertise and charisma through interesting Twitter chats.

Becoming an Industry Expert

One of the most influential aspects of social media for businesses is how it can positively affect your integrity within your industry sphere. Building your brand up as a figure of authority or industry expert takes time, but Twitter chats can help speed up this process greatly. Outwith hosting your own chats, it is important to make yourself visible in other chats on Twitter that are related to your sector. Offer up insightful, intelligent and useful advice that pertains to your customers pains, troubles or concerns. If you do it right, customers will quickly associate your brand with ?industry expert?.

In order to become a guest expert on Twitter chats, you will need to put in a little bit of effort. The tried and tested method is to actively contribute to chats that you would like to eventually be an expert guest on. Earn your reputation here, and where possible open up a dialogue with the host of the chat. If you feel like you are not breaking through, then it might make sense to drop the host an email outlining your desire to join as an expert guest. Once you successfully get a spot as an industry expert, you should quickly notice a wave of new followers throughout the chat and afterwards, too. If you are lucky, you might even end up gleaning some new leads out of it!

Nurturing One-on-One Relationships

One of the strongest assets of Twitter chat is the ability to connect and build rapport with your audience. As a platform, you can use Twitter chat to flex your industry knowledge and skills to customers and cohorts alike. Better yet, the more often you contribute to a specific chat – preferably a reputable one – the more relationships you nurture and industry recognition you will gain. This beneficial experience can even yield you new leads for your business, so keep everything on your profile up to date leading up to a chat to make it easier for people to get in touch.

Twitter chat is a great starting point for leads, but it does not stop when the session ends. Even after your chat is over, the hashtags used are archived and can be used after the fact. That allows you to look up the relevant hashtag and pick up any leads that came a little too late to the party. You can generate a lot of new leads with this method, and it makes you look like an affable, hard-working industry leader when you follow up with someone.

Staying Informed

Keeping afloat of industry knowledge is integral to maintaining a position as an industry leader. Twitter chats are a fantastic learning tool that can benefit your business through spectating as well as contributing. An attentive ear can help you understand how people interact with companies on social media, which can improve your interactions online. Try to find chats that are hosted by experts in your industry, listen in and soak up how it all goes down.

Twitter chats can also be quite meta when it comes to staying informed, because you can observe and study how other experts set up their chats. Jot down some notes that highlights good ideas, improvements and useful concepts that you can incorporate into your chats.

Building Your Brand

For many companies online, their number one priority is to build their brand awareness. Social media is a fantastic tool for this, and it is incredibly cost-effective. Twitter chats are a great platform for this type of brand awareness, as your brand name will regularly (and more importantly, organically) be mentioned throughout the duration of the chat. If it gets a retweet, all the better! The more eyes that see your brand, the more potential there is for useful leads.

If you have a specific Twitter chat in mind, then you can discuss sponsorship. The specifics of a sponsorship for a Twitter chat varies from chat to chat, but generally you can expect to be offered:

  • Your business and brand name will be mentioned as the chat sponsor
  • Promotion of your products and services
  • You can join the chat as a featured guest
  • There may be banners or advertisements made to pair the Twitter chat.

In Summary

If you are looking to benefit from social media platforms such as Twitter, it is crucial that you actively engage with it. Twitter chats are a great example of a feature that can only be effectively used with direct engagement with the platform and your followers online. This post has looked at some of the key benefits associated with Twitter chats, such as brand building and a more meaningful customer engagement.

More than that, though, good use of Twitter chat can show your business as a personable, helpful, innovative and professional outfit that people will want to work with. Once you get the ball rolling on Twitter with chats, then you will quickly see that these benefits can help you reach your missions end goal – be it more leads, a stronger brand or more money in your bank account.