Published by on April 10, 2019

All of that high quality posting by Letter?s has seriously paid off for this small company. They have a following of nearly 200,000 on Instagram, which is incredibly impressive considering this is a husband and wife team that do all of this on their own back.

Unfortunately, there is no specific formula that Letter?s use that you can emulate for your brand. However, this post is going to dive into Letter?s online presence to offer some insights about how they have done so well online. From things like high quality images to their endearing sense of humor, there are lots of little things that make up Letter?s fantastic Instagram strategy. So, if you?re looking to learn from the success of a small business online, read on!

Stunning, Self-Promoting Imagery

Letter?s have amassed a huge following online, thanks largely to how they handle their brand online. One of the most important parts of their strategy is using high quality images of their product, posed in an appealing way. This has proved to be a great form of self-promotion for their letter boards, thanks to some aesthetically pleasing photography.





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