Published by on November 21, 2016

Automated direct messages have got to be one of the most controversial topics discussed when it comes to marketing on Twitter and there was a point in time when we at TweetPilot advocated them. So much so that one feature of TweetPilot V1 was setting up the sending of automated direct messages.

But we’ve recently changes our tune. Automated direct messages are the spam of Twitter. They’re not beneficial. They’re not useful. They’re not what Twitter is about.

We’re Getting Fed Up

At the time, sending automated direct messages seems like a good idea. That’s until you’re on the receiving end of a barrage of them. It’s got to a point where there’s simply no point in looking in our Twitter direct message inbox. Just look at the 6 most recent messages below, all are automated responses:

Automated Direct Messages on Twitter

Some opt for a simple thank you but what’s even the point in doing so. Some push a free product as if they’re doing us some sort of favour. Others aren’t shy and go straight for the pushy sale before even making any form of connection to us. Chance of us actually buying something from a direct message: Zero!

Where’s the Human Element?

If you know anything about marketing, you’ll know that one of the most important aspects is humanising your brand. You want to prove to people that you are also a real person and your brand is run by real people (and not robots).

As a spin-off to TweetPilot, we launched DM Pilot, a service focussed on sending automated direct messages which is no longer in existence. But I vividly remember a Twitter conversation I had with someone who was very much against auto DMs. They perfectly summed up why the sending of automated direct messages is a bad idea:

“But I’ve Seen Conversions”

So you’ve seen 10 leads from your automated DM ‘campaign’ so can claim it’s actually a successful medium for marketing your business, right?

There’s just a few holes in this: How many automated message have you sent to find those 10 leads? How many people have you pissed off in the process? How many people have actually unfollowed you and sub-conscientiously blacklisted your brand? Have you even received bad press from people for sending automated messages?

Your Thoughts on Automated Direct Messages?

So what do you think about auto DMs? Have you had a positive experience with using them or are you also a hater of this form of marketing spam?