Published by on February 6, 2017

Social media has become a really big part of how businesses work in modern times, thanks largely to the huge number of people using platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. From cultivating professional relationships to boosting branding efforts, sites like Twitter have created platforms of success for many professional outfits. So much so, in fact, that avoiding social media for your business will likely be damaging for your company?s overall visibility and success.

From the one-man band entrepreneur to massive corporations, Twitter has proved to be a really useful platform for businesses online. The ease of use and ability to connect with people (and potentially customers) has proved to be both a gift and a curse. Although it no doubt helps companies enormously in many ways, brands are starting to rely on this online tool. Working within a niche is great, but when it becomes a crutch for your brand, you run a serious risk of failure. This post hopes to outline why our world – especially in business – would feel some radical effects if Twitter were to vanish overnight.

Loss of Twitter Culture

Twitter is no doubt one of the biggest and most appealing social media platforms out there for businesses. However, it is definitely not the only one – Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Instagram are all legitimately useful platforms for business, too. With that said, Twitter is unique in a lot of ways that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, Twitter is the only one to create a micro blogging format that helps brands create snappy and memorable quotes. There is much less effort involved in a Twitter post as well, because it does not demand a photo to post like Instagram or Snapchat.

So it is clear that Twitter has its own unique approach to social media, and it is a way that many companies have warmed to over the years. It has proven to be the ideal way to get announcements out to the public – a great example would be how news channels like BBC News tweet breaking news. If Twitter were to just disappear, then the unique environment that it created would vanish, along with all of the useful benefits that consumers enjoy. In short, the unique culture of Twitter would cease to be.

Missing Audiences and Lost Connections

One of the most useful things about Twitter for business is how easily you can connect with people that share something in common and build relationships with larger audiences. These individuals are your targeted audience, who will often want to hear everything that you have to say and will hopefully become invested in your product or service. Over time, those individuals grow into a larger audience that have grown to truly appreciate your brand. You offer advice, warm wishes or a funny post and gradually you can nurture an incredibly strong relationship with these larger audiences. Twitter does a fantastic job of helping you organically grow these connections which can ultimately help your business in the form of leads.

One of the big drawbacks with these audiences is that they are usually only available to you through Twitter.Generally, social media users have a strong preference with their platform, and will rarely use other sites. What that means is that if Twitter were to just vanish overnight, you will have lost a massive portion of your audience. There is no guarantee that your current viewership would make the switch over to Facebook, which can leave your brand with a potentially huge dip in your audience size. All of this boils down to a loss of potential leads, which means less money going into your business.

The Void of Twitter in Social Media

Twitter has been around for more than a decade now, and in that time it has managed to work its way into our everyday lives. We find Twitter is on the television with hashtags for your favourite show, or checking Twitter for the latest updates about a product or service. Over time, companies have grown to trust this platform and incorporate it into their day-to-day marketing. The foothold that Twitter has in business, marketing and advertising is truly massive. If Twitter disappeared overnight, there would be a huge void across social media as well as on the radio, television, on business cards and even restaurant menus.

Although the initial setback of removing the Twitter-focused branding is a pain, that would only be the start. People have grown to rely on this platform for a lot of things, and moving over to Facebook or Snapchat would not be a perfect solution by any means. Although there are already alternatives out there, none of them have the same influence in business and marketing as Twitter currently does. Jumping ship to another form of social media would not instantly grant businesses with a direct link to their brand with a snappy hashtag or tweet, and there would be a noticeable void where Twitter once stood.


Although the title of this post is somewhat exaggerated, it is fair to say that the worlds of online marketing and business would be dramatically changed if Twitter disappeared. With a unique approach to social media, Twitter is a platform that cannot easily be replaced. There are audiences that are only found there, which means businesses could lose out on a lot of potential sales. There is a tailored culture that is found only on Twitter that would also vanish in an instant. The use of tweets would be a memory and hashtags would die out. More than that, though, there would be a missing piece of the social media puzzle for business. Twitter has proved time and again to be useful for companies. If it were to disappear, the corporate world would definitely feel the negative effects.