Published by on February 23, 2017

Youtube has given the world a lot since it began uploading videos back in 2005.

From cats playing pianos to handy DIY tutorials, Youtube has it all. In fact, it has grown into such a huge platform that Youtube users upload a predited 500 hours of new video content to its website every minute.

It is no surprise that people have started to make a living from Youtube.

Getting paid advertising revenue for views can net you a tidy profit at the end of every month if you host a popular channel. It can take time and a lot of effort to get your audience big enough to start paying your bills, but it is very doable.

If you are looking into making more money through your Youtube channel, there are a lot of different ways to grow your audience. One of the strongest platforms for this type of marketing is through Twitter, which is perfect for marketing.

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms around, thanks to features such as hashtags, retweets and a unique ability to make things go viral. This blog post is going to look at how Twitter can be a useful tool for Youtubers in their marketing efforts, so that you can catapult your Youtube channel into stardom.


Hashtags are an incredible little feature that has become a staple in marketing on Twitter.

With hashtags, you want to create a unique, searchable word or term that relates to your Youtube channel. They are a fantastic way to organize a discussion or get people talking about you – and they can get viral fast.

Hashtags are generally used in one of two ways. The first way is to create your own hashtag, specifically for your Youtube channel. The second way is to use a hashtag that is already popular, so that you can join in on the conversation. If you are looking to stand out and tell your own story, then the first way is a perfect choice. You will have to get creative with your hashtag, and remember to format it like so – #yourownhashtag. This is very organic, so it might take a little bit of time for it to catch on.

If you want to join in on a discussion that has already started, then the second approach can really help with exposure through retweets. However, you will need to jump on the right bandwagon for it to be effective. So if your Youtube channel is all about sports socks, you will need to find a popular and relevant hashtag. Then you can link to your channel, or a video on your channel, along with the hashtag. Now, if anyone searches for that hashtag, they can easily get to your video.

Twitter Chats

Twitter has a lot of features that are designed to help you organically grow your audience. One of these features is Twitter Chat, which allows you to host your own group conversation. This type of chat allows you to interact with your audience much more effectively than Youtube, and you can draw in more viewers from it, too. You can set the time for your event and guide the conversation to suit your Youtube channel. Twitter Chats allow you to talk to your audience in real time, so you can build up your rapport quickly.

You can also use your knowledge of hashtags to make one for your Twitter Chat. Your custom hashtag can be used to find, retweet and engage with your Twitter Chat, which in turn promotes your Youtube channel. It?s a win-win situation. Every conversation that uses your new hashtag is included in your chat, so you can build up and engage with your viewers naturally.


Another great feature that Twitter has that can help your Youtube channel is @mentions. This tool is a great way to piggyback the audience of a more popular user, if they choose to retweet. If you have a guest on your channel, or create something related to the user that is on your channel, you can include their Twitter username in your tweet. With any hope, they will respond via retweet. When this happens, their entire audience is exposed to your channel and some will click through.

Find Similar Youtubers on Twitter

Social media?s biggest strength is its ability to bring people together. This is just as true for friends and family as it is for businesses, so use this to your advantage. You can use Twitter to find other popular Youtubers that hopefully have an active audience. Like @mentions, you can piggyback this audience if your channel is to their tastes – which is likely if the Youtuber you have found has a channel similar to yourself. Twitter is massive, so there should be a lot of similar Youtubers on Twitter for you to find and follow.

One of the best ways to find these type of Youtube users on Twitter is through a handy platform called OpenSlate. This tool measures and identifies Youtube influencers in any given niche that you can search through. You can find the biggest registered channels in your field, whether it is gaming, SEO or canoe making.

One big issue with OpenSlate is that it is only open to people with 5,000 subscribers or more. If you are a smaller Youtuber, then you will need to search on Youtube manually and find your industry influencers on your own.

In Summary

Twitter has quickly grown into an essential tool for Youtubers for many reasons, but the main appeal is that it grows your audience better than any other social media platform. Twitter features lots of built-in tools for marketing and advertising that makes it incredibly simple to organically grow your viewers on Youtube and join the ranks of some of your industry’s biggest influencers. From the simple hashtag to @mentions and Twitter Chats, there are so many tools available to Youtubers on Twitter that it would be silly not to get involved! The best way to get started if you haven?t already is to dive in, try out the advice above and see where you end up. Good luck!